Ze Teacher supports Ukrainian students and teachers

Because education and culture are essential for the democracy of our European republics, the French company Ze Teacher has decided to help all Ukrainian students and teachers.
zeteacher.com is indeed a leader to link international tutors and learner : online teaching is possible with videoconferencing integration. 

Thus, Ze Teacher offers, to any Ukrainian citizen:
- wishing to teach, a one-year premium teacher account (worth €99)
- wishing to learn a subject, free access to 2 private teachers (worth €24.99)

To get advantages, the only condition is to have an Ukrainian email address (.ua)*:
- teachers register with their Ukrainian email address and complete their profile and announcement; an automatic email will be sent to them to get premium account (< 72 hours)
- students/parents register with an Ukrainian email address: 20 credits (ze coins) will be offered automatically (<72 hours) allowing free access to 2 private teachers of their choice.
This offer does not currently have an expiration date. Ze Teacher thanks in advance anyone sharing this information via social networks.

Visit Ze Teacher platform:

Updated on 1st March 2022
* if you use other email adress, contact us by mail : contact@zeteacher.com